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What is XNAchievement?

XNAchievement is a library written in C# that makes it easy for game developers to include achievements in there XNA (or other .NET) game.
It's a complete and robust library that does all the management stuff for you. XNAchievement is designed for "plug and play" compatibility, requiring minimal changes in your code.

Although it is written for the XNA game framework it will fit in any other .NET application with only a little adjusting in the code.

Main features:

  • Easy to use
  • Many predefined achievement classes
  • Clean and robust code
  • Well commented (IntelliSense)
  • Easy extensibility
  • High portability to other .NET game engines
  • It's free!

Please note, that XNAchievement does (currently) not provide any platform to store or compare achievement online.

Screenshot of the included sample:

Getting Started

As we think looking at working code is the most easy introduction, XNAchievement comes with a complete and detailed commented sample game based on the GSMS. For help on understanding the sample read the Getting Started wiki page. If you like a more theoretical start read the Architecture Overview!

Project Status

The current focus is on version 1.0, As the library is designed for easy extensibility the current focus is on the development of more predefined achievement classes and a better looking default notifier. The basic framework is ready.

Doesn't include XNA a Achievement Framework?

It does. But you can't use it, unless you have a XBLA deal with Microsoft...


This project is currently maintained by me. If you which to contact me drop me a line to mail.png (German or English)

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